What To Expect When You Consign With Viyet

So, you’ve decluttered your home and made the decision to consign your designer furniture, accessories, lighting, or art (or antiques!) with Viyet. After you’ve decided to set up an appointment with a curator, you’re probably curious about what the appointment will entail. Here’s what to expect:

1. Setting up the appointment.

Our Client Relations team will provide you with a link to submit photos and descriptions of the items you wish to sell. You’ll hear from them one way or another within one business day. If the items are a fit for our marketplace, they will contact you to schedule a curator appointment. We’ll then work with your schedule to determine the perfect time for one of our expert curators to assess your potential consigned items.

2. Getting your items ready.

Viyet curators have visited estates, showrooms, warehouses, storage facilities, homes, and apartments. So, they’ve seen it all! But to make the assessment process easier (especially for the curator to take photographs of your items), leave room around the pieces in question. Also, have any documentation about the piece handy, such as receipts, certificates, or information on where you bought the piece.

3. The curator assessment.

While at your home or storage facility, the curator will assess each potentially consigned piece for condition, shape, style, and brand. For pieces that are chosen for consignment, the curator will take extensive notes (which will be used in its description) and will take a number of photos of the piece from every angle. You’ll also discuss whether you’ll decide to keep the items in your home until they are sold, or if you’d like to arrange to move them to our secure storage facility.

Next week, we’ll cover the exciting process of making and accepting offers, along with our simple shipping process. Have any more questions about consigning with Viyet? Read our FAQs here »

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